An experienced consultancy will have rich experience and in-depth know-how to:

Improve the supporting environment where the project will be executed
Provide leadership capabilities that can accelerate a project’s implementation
For that purpose, we are presenting a three-step guide to choose quality management consultants.

Step 1: Know your business needs that will be met by a consultancy

First things first, understand and define your business needs and goals. (And this should be done before you would request for proposals, experience and qualifications of consultancies.) After knowing your business goals (both long- and short-term), it is important to understand how a project consultant might assist in successful implementation and completion of a project (and in implicitly meeting those goals).

To clarify those goals, you must:

Consider each factor that might influence the defined goals
Take into account all the special circumstances or regulations that can affect your business in meeting those goals
On fully identifying those goals, you must map your workforce’s expertise and identify the gaps that exist. Once the gaps are analyzed, you will know your business needs better and will short-list from the set of applied consultancies easily.

Step 2: Select the project management consultancy

After defining and analyzing the business goals, you have to put a good selection process in place. The procedure of selecting the finest project management consultancy comprises:

Setting up a selection team Locales celebración de cumpleaños infantiles
Knowing who will make the final decision on selection
Establishing a full-fledged decision-making process
Again determining the desired outcomes
Preparing a Request for Information (RFI) document for creating a proper Request for Proposal (RFP) document
Floating the RFI document to consultancies
Compiling the list of consultancies that have responded to the floated RFI doc as per your business requirements
Short-listing three to five consultancies and sending them the RFP document
Step 3: Negotiating the terms and the entire contract with the selected consultancy

Since the beginning of the process to find a desirable consultancy, your aim would be to improve the implementation and, most importantly, the outcomes derived from the portfolio. Now, however, you will try negotiating each and every aspect of the contract’s terms and conditions.

You need to discuss and analyze the implementation schedule that will be adopted by the consultancy. The key aspects that you will have to negotiate include:

Schedule (including important milestones)
Scope of services
Payment terms
Personnel’s responsibilities and roles
Over-budget contingencies
Termination clauses
Also, ensure that you have a lucid understanding on the way invoice will be done and on how the deadlines will be established.

Your Guide To Selecting An Ace Project Management Consultancy

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