Modern technologies make it possible to obtain oils for transformers from any oil that fully meet the requirements of regulatory documentation. But the problem is that the good properties of transformer oil will not last long, and the destruction of the structure of petroleum products can begin from the first day of its use in a transformer. At the same time, different types of oils age differently quickly.


That is why it is recommended to evaluate oils and determine their suitability for operation not by origin and (or) chemical composition, but by properties and propensity for oxidation. It is advisable to take into account the initial properties of oil when refining and regenerating old oil products or when adding additives.


Transformer oil is a complex mixture, in which it, in fact, differs from other dielectrics. The properties of this mixture are constantly changing, therefore, to assess the quality of the product, more distinctive features are needed than in the case of substances with a simple structure.


Conventionally, all the properties of the oil can be divided into three groups. The group of main physicochemical properties includes flash point, pour point, viscosity, specific gravity, sodium sample, tar content, etc. They are mainly determined by the type of feedstock and are practically not affected or difficult to improve.


There are also a number of characteristics that should be attributed to the main ones, but they change during operation and therefore can be used to control the aging process or the amount of contaminants in the oil. These are oil properties such as ash, color and odor.


The properties that control the stability and degree of aging of new oils are the acid value, the reaction of the aqueous extract, the stability of the oil during artificial oxidation, as well as some electrical characteristics, such as dielectric loss.


The properties controlling the purity of the oil are mainly electrical characteristics, the most important of which is the breakdown voltage. This also includes the presence of mechanical impurities, the presence of coal and water.


Deep cleaning oils spend not special equipment. The company GlobeCore for the practical solution of problems of this kind supplies special mobile oil stations.


Transformer oil filtration system CMM-1CF is used to fully restore all chemical and physical properties of transformer oils. It is achieved through the use of a unique sorbent of the type “Fuller’s earth.” It can be reactivated about half a thousand times directly at the facility.

Oil Filtration Systems

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